Pentagon & Shanksville

The Pentagon and Shanksville events were most likely only diversions, ideally timed to switch the LIVE TV broadcasts away from Manhattan during the WTC demolition preparations/countdown. Both also helped to create the illusion of an all-out attack on the USA - targeted even on the 9/11 planners themselves! ("Flight 93", they say, was headed for the White House ...). In any case, here are some shots which demonstrate that these two events also featured crass, grotesque and downright hilarious image manipulations.



This is a (speeded up) scene from CBS: What on Earth is going here? No Pentagon windows are visible, the water spray seems to 'melt' the façade - everything is wrong here. I will not dwell too much on this: It only goes to show that computer graphics were also used to simulate the Pentagon "attack".


This has got to be the funniest piece of animation of the entire 9/11 image pool: A desperate brick jumps to certain death just prior to the Pentagon collapse. Then, as the incredibly prescient cameraman zooms out, we see some white-clad scientists (?) walking by on the Pentagon lawn: they have evidently 'seen it all before' and don't seem at all impressed by the disastrous event - and simply keep walking along !

Now, let's see: this shot asks us to believe that the CBS cameraman had anticipated the Pentagon collapse, zooming in on the precise spot where it was to break apart. He then zooms out just as the collapse commences. One is left to wonder what sort of inept animation artists were behind these pathetic forgeries.

Lastly, consider: are we to believe that the 5-story Pentagon building collapsed in about 10 seconds and - at the same time - that the 110-story World Trade Center towers collapsed in about 11 seconds ? Truly, all the laws of physics must have been suspended on September 11, 2001 !...

This is another loop taken from the CBS 9/11 broadcast: A firehose is seen spraying the Pentagon lawn, then subsides. People are seen leisurely walking by, unaffected. Not a single flame/fire is visible. You are welcome to make any sense out of this shot for yourselves - and what exactly is going on here...Perhaps an improvised wet T-shirt contest ?

Two more views of the Pentagon collapse as broadcast by NBC (left) and by FOX (right). Please carefully compare all three television shots of the Pentagon collapse (perspectives, hues/colors and lighting). Note the relative positions of the foregrounds versus the backgrounds.

Does it all add up for you?

Mike Walter epitomizes the essence of the 9/11 hoax – its lies, its fraudulent journalism, its bad acting. Here he sits a few years later in front of a stage curtain, still lying barefacedly to the public. Like a Roman gladiator pleading for mercy, he appeals to the audience’s credulity from the safety of his employers’ TV network, in a vain attempt to redress his infamous eyewitness testimony of “a large passenger plane” at the Pentagon. It is an intensely tragic, symbolical & memorable performance which history may elect as a requiem to the decadence of modern-day journalism - and its inevitable downfall.Watch Walter perform in the second half of “SEPTEMBER CLUES B”


My favorite Shanksville picture is this surrealistic picture from Swedish TV. Let us only hope that real, major plane disasters are tackled with more powerful tools than garden hoses...

The Shanksville event ("FLIGHT 93") is so totally full of holes that it's unworthy of the ink spent on discussing it. The very thought of a large passenger airplane vanishing into a small crater in a field (with not a single distinguishable plane part visible) is reason enough to dismiss this other tale as another heap of rubbish. We are then shamelessly asked to believe that multiple passports, driving licenses + other paperwork and pristine cotton fabric were retrieved intact from the site. The Shanksville diversion likely served the 9/11 psyop for the following purposes of 'public perception management':

1 - To imprint the idea that even the White House was among the targets
2 - To imprint the idea of the passengers' existence (with crassly fabricated cell-phone calls - Hi, mom! It's Mark Bingham!)
3 - To provide moving stories of heroism and bravery (passengers storming the cockpit - Let's roll!)
4 - To provide a missed-target to the 'top-gun terrorists' tale to lower their success-rate to a 'more credible' 75%

The "mushroom-cloud" picture is the only existing photographic document of the immediate aftermath of the alleged "FLIGHT 93" disaster. As the story goes, Mrs. Val McClatchey grabbed her digital camera and shot this lone shot from her house. Subsequently, she says, she dropped the camera on the ground and the batteries were dislodged; that's why she only captured ONE snapshot of the event...