Simulated Sceneries

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"THE WTC-VIEW assembly line"

This is how the story goes: In 2006, "Peter Strid"(an anonymous entity) releases a video on the web which he claims to have filmed from underneath the WTC (on the Northwest side). He apparently captured a glimpse of the "2nd airplane", after which he rejoined his girlfriend in his apartment nearby.

Peter Strid PERSPECTIVE A _______________________Peter Strid PERSPECTIVE B

Now, consider this: "PERSPECTIVE A" supposedly depicts his street-level view - whereas "PERSPECTIVE B" supposedly depicts the view from his own apartment! What an amazing coincidence that Peter's apartment view was so similar to the view he had as he captured the "historical planecrash"...

Naudet Brothers PERSPECTIVE C ___________________Steven Rosenbaum PERSPECTIVE D

But let's assume this extraordinary coincidence is true. The fact is that, in 2002, the French Naudet brothers released a feature movie containing the picture at left which I have called "PERSPECTIVE C". Then, in 2007, a man called Steven Rosenbaum released another 9/11 tribute film which contained the picture I have called "PERSPECTIVE D".

Israeli TV PERSPECTIVE E ________________________Mike Cunga PERSPECTIVE F

Incredibly, the story doesn't end here: a foreign TV also broadcadsted the videoclip seen on the left (PERSPECTIVE E) - with helicopter rotor blades flapping in front of it...But it's not over yet: in the documentary "7days in September", a photographer named "Mike Cunga" apparently also shot a picture from that vantage point just as WTC2 collapsed - then jumped on his bicycle and pedaled to safety...

And the story continues: On CNN, we are then treated to the heroic tale of a doctor, one "Mark Heath", who also was in the same spot as Mike Cunga as WTC2 collapsed, filming the scene. Dr. Heath does not flee, though (doctors, of course, have an inbred sense of duty): he cunningly dives to safety beside a car, then rises from the ashes to assist the dust-covered people around him. A true American hero...

But there's more ... here's the icing on the cake: According to the New York Times, this is the picture of Patricia Mc Donough, "a pro-photographer with a fisheye lens who made this picture from her apartment's living room within minutes of the first airliner's impact."

Anyone with a basic understanding of modern computer imagery will realize that all these tower shots are nothing else than an 'assembly line' of a single 'matrix' - rotated, twisted and colored at leisure.

Thanks to Peter Strid, the Naudet brothers, Steven Rosenbaum, Israeli TV, Mike Cunga, CNN and Patricia Mc Donough for letting me use these unique documents of September 11, 2001 - even though none of you captured this imagery. It 's all computer graphics.

MORE VIEWS OF THE "CRIME SCENE" COMPARED ( if you need more proof )

And yes, what you see above is the actual image texture featured on the 'serious' History Channel !
Quite frankly, the entire scene resembles some badly rendered Playstation-like 3-D video game...

HISTORY CHANNEL versus CNN: what on Earth is going on here?!

For many more photo analyses proving that the "Manhattan" you saw on TV on 9/11 was entirely computer-simulated,
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