Loose Change: The Financiers/Webmasters Exposed

by Lord Tsukasa
August 17th, 2009

Loose Change 911: An American Coup

Loose Change 911: An American Coup

Loose Change is one of the leading 9/11 truth films/groups.

It was created by Dylan Avery (Who lives in San Diego, with it’s strong US Military presence), whose father, Fred Avery, is related to a professional AP photographer named Richard Drew (Took fake pictures of the “Jumpers” on 9/11 and of RFK’s corpse on the night he was assassinated).

Though Dylan Avery officially lives in San Diego, he has another address in Virginia (The Spook State)!

Dylan Avery and the two other creators of the film are devoted to trying to discredit the idea of military-media cooperation/TV Fakery on 9/11.

When you bring up the solid evidence of the media’s role in faking news coverage that day, you are immediately banned from the Loose Change forums.

It’s quite clear that exonerating CNN and the other mainstream networks of any role in cooperating with military-intelligence to commit mass murder/deception on 9/11 is more important to Dylan and his cohorts than the concept of freedom of speech, discussion, and ideas.

Knowing that the Loose Change is an important part of the controlled-opposition matrix in the 9/11 movement (”movement” = “move the mind” in Latin), I decided to investigate the ties of their website using a WHOIS Lookup (Check it out!), which allows me to find out who runs their website.

I learned that the website is not run by Dylan Avery, Jason Bermas, or Korey Rowe. Rather, it’s run by a man named Patrick J. Kwiatkowski and it’s “tech guy” is a man by the name of Douglas Fraser. Kwiatkowski is the CEO of Microcinema Films.

Who runs Microcinema Films?

Joel S. Bachar -- Founder and President of Microcinema Films

Joel S. Bachar -- Founder and President of Microcinema Films

A bit of research will show you that this man deeply involved in the production, financing, and distribution of the newest Loose Change film:

The film was financed by Joel Bachar


Bachar was an associate producer on Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup, a film by Korey Rowe, Dylan Avery, and Matthew Brown.


So, who is Joel S. Bachar? Here’s the dirt:

Joel has been a member of the National Nominating Committee for the 1998 and 1999 Rockefeller Foundations Film and Video Fellowship, and he also has sat on numerous arts granting panels and film festival juries


But wait, there’s more! Remember Douglas Fraser? He’s the LooseChange911.com “tech guy” and he has quite an interesting background. Check it out:

-He held a co-op position with the US Geological Survey (A US Government agency)

-He worked in the telecommunications industry as a US Government Contractor for 7 years

-He graduated from Virginia Tech University (A hot-spot for DOD/CIA/DARPA/Monarch covert mind control research and black operations)

-He spent several summers in a Defense Department summer program!

The source for these amazing facts about this little-known LooseChange911.com ‘insider’ can be found in his bio: http://www.spoke.com/info/p6KOvc2/DouglasFraser

Still think Loose Change is real?

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