Simulated Sceneries

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Please watch these shots proposed by the 9/11 image pool in tranquil fashion - two by two. As you will notice, every single one of them features either a zoom-in or a zoom-out. Each one of them depicts a crucial instant of the purported imagery of September 11, 2001 ( be it a "planecrash" or a "tower collapse").

If you have ever handled a camera, you'll know that the very last thing you will want to do in a sudden, dramatic situation is to toggle the ZOOM LEVELS of your camera : Unless you are well prepared for it (or extremely experienced) you will spoil the shot - or miss the action altogether.

With this in mind, please ponder the following: What are the odds for all these shots to feature zoom motions just before or shortly after - what would have been totally unexpected events?

Now, this is not a complete collection of "magic zoom-shots". There are quite a few more than these 10 examples - see for instance THE JUMPERS. So, are we to believe that all of these stunning shots are the result of pure luck and happenstance? Or would it be, perhaps, more reasonable to surmise that they are the end-product of some intentional and co-ordinated planning?

Of course, zoom motions are routinely used for effect in movie-making to enhance the drama and the emotional impact of any given action shot. Undeniably, this is what 9/11 turned out to be: a traumatic, emotion-laden, universal blockbuster. It also turned out to be - forgive me the pun - a smashing, boon-laden World Hit for its directors.