Simulated Sceneries

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One of the core 'ideas' of the 9/11 video animators was to imprint in the public the illusion that "TV CHOPPERS" were dispatched in the Manhattan airspace to spectacularly 'capture the action'. To this end, they fabricated the shots illustrated here. Aerial shots were crucial to give TV viewers the impression of clear, unobstructed visuals of the events. To have the chopper skids pass in front of the camera lens - they figured - would also convince TV viewers that they were actually looking at images filmed by a TV chopper...In fact, most of us did. However, it is now time to call these preposterous images by name: preposterous video animations.

In the real world, no one would be so silly to attach a camera on a helicopter in a position where its view might be blocked by the landing gear (chopper cameras are front-mounted in a gyroscopic system designed to stabilize chopper roll). In the real world, no existing lens will keep in focus both the landing gear and the distant scenery. In the real world, no such camera will 'freeze' the distant scenery while the chopper rotates around its axis.


Not only did ABC ("Chopper7") propose a shot with the landing gear passing in front of the Manhattan scenery: Even NBC ("Chopper4") had a similar shot.


Not only did ABC and NBC ("Chopper7 & "Chopper4") propose a shot with the landing gear passing in front of the Manhattan scenery: Even FOX TV (WNYW Chopper5") had a similar shot - which for some reason was aired on CNN.

Note: CNN apparently had barely one camera operating in New York that morning and kept airing images "Courtesy of" their rivals ABC and WNYW-FOX5...


Here's another shot aired by NBC: the "chopper skid" is still bobbing up and down without affecting the zoomed-in view of the WTC. Please note the distinct ghost-lining around the west side of WTC. That lining, the bobbing chopper skid and the darkish yellow-green color-scheme of this NBC broadcast are plainly absurd. Only one rational explanation may be formulated: This is fabricated / manipulated / forged / fraudulent photography.


Here's another shot aired by CNN : the "chopper skid" once again passes in front of the static North view of the World Trade Center. As it does so, it speedily zooms out (just as in "the POSTCARD SHOT"). This odd 'phenomena' occurs with all the "3 TV choppers"... All in all, this was just fabricated imagery designed to deceive the TV audience.

Why did ABC's "Chopper4 cameraman" fail to capture the full approach of "Flight175"?

Because it was not a real cameraman in a real chopper. It was all 'cartoon imagery'.